Trains: Thrilling yet nostalgic

Millions of people have been adorned by the amazing vast coverage and the spirit of dynamism of trains. Indian Railway connects extreme end points of our country.

The dream of the poet comes true when one can perform the journey from Kashmir to Kanyakumari by a single train and that too within 72 hours.

Thousands of people are commuting journey everyday by rail. Besides the travelers, there are people who have been using train even for their journey between office and residence. Many people use trains for business travel also. Its not only the speed of train journey, it is also the comfort that is highly admired all over. Even patients with serious diseases can travel by train safely.

Comfort, convenience, safety are the motto of Indian Railway. Railway, being the cheapest and fastest mode of commutation are used for freight and forwarding purposes as well.

Special trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto offer very special privileges to the commuters.

Several special purpose trains like Garib Rath, Matri Bhumi, Karma Bhuimi have been introduced, where each of them classify their real meanings. Several trains like Palace on Wheels and Darjeeling Toy Trains have been enthralling the travelers for long.

Ever since its inception in 15 August 1854, the Indian Railways have played a sterling role in supporting the people of India and special guests from abroad.

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