Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh

Amarkantak is a town in Anuppur district in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. It is also the meeting point of the Vindhyas and the Satpuras, with the Maikal Hills being the fulcrum. The Narmada River, the Sone River and Johila River have their sources from this place only. Amarkantak has a standard altitude of 3438 ft. The town is having superior religious value. The few places of tourist attraction in

Amarkantak are really a superb blending of natural beauty and religion, like, Narmadakund and Temples, Sonemuda, Mai ki Bagiya, Kapildhara, Kabir Chabutara, Shri Jwaleshwar Mahadev, etc

. Also called “Teerthraj” or, the king of pilgrimages, the region of Amarkantak is a rare natural heritage spot.